Peer-Reviewed Articles

Lee, J. J., Tytko, T., & Larkin Jr., R. (under review). (Un)attended this/these in undergraduate student writing: A corpus analysis of high- and low-rated L2 writers. Journal of English for Academic Purposes.

Tytko, T., & Augstkalns, M. C. (2020). How well do we know ourselves? Identifying suicide markers in online communication: A case study of a graduate student’s writing. Studies in the Linguistic Sciences: Illinois Working Papers.

Hnatkovska, O., & Tytko., T. (2017). Rozvytok krytychnoho myslennya na zanyattyakh z usnoho movlennya na osnovi modeli tvorchoho vyrishennya problemnykh sytuatsyy [Development of critical thinking in English conversation practice classes based on the creative problem solving model]. Hermanska Filologiya, 787-788, 20-31.

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