My teaching and tutoring practices are intertwined with my drive for innovative research. I am comfortable investigating both subfields of Linguistics, theoretical and applied. Below you can explore my projects. I will be happy to share with you findings from my past projects. Additionally, if you find that our current research interests coincide, I invite you to collaborate with me on future research.




Linguistic peculiarities of adjectives describing food. Thesis paper for Bachelor's degree in English Philology.

L2 Pedagogy

Development of critical thinking in English conversation practice classes. Thesis paper for Master's degree in English Language and Literature.


  • Development of L2 learners’ speaking proficiency in technology-mediated task-based language teaching. Term paper for the Computers in Language Teaching class.
  • Technology-mediated TBLT course of intensive English for Specific Purposes. Online course developed for the Computers in Language Teaching class.

Semantics & Pragmatics

Modality in the Quran and Bible: Analysis via corpora. Term paper for the Semantics & Pragmatics class.

Corpus Linguistics & ESP

(Un)attended this/these in undergraduate student writing: A corpus analysis of high- and low-rated L2 writers. Unpublished manuscript conducted for the ELIP Classroom Research Unit (CRU) .


Instructed SLA

L2 learners' engagement in technology-mediated task-based language teaching. Term paper for the Second Language Acquisition class.


Teaching large-enrollment online EFL courses: Faculty perspectives and curricular models. A collaborative project on teaching large online EFL courses in a South Korean university.

L2 Writing

Collaborative reading strategies in an L2 writing course. Term project for the Reading & Writing class.


Communicative test task design. Term paper for the Assessment in Language Teaching class.

Clinical Linguistics

Suicide markers in online communication: A case study of a graduate student’s writing. Term paper for the Sociolinguistics class.


  • ESL freshmen composition online course.
  • Ukrainian online task-based course.

Online courses for the Computer-Assisted Language Learning class.


Change of state expressed by English transitive sentences. Project for the Research Practicum class.

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