Teaching Young Adults & Adult Learners

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University-Level Courses

Instructor of Record (Teaching Assistant)

Aug. 2019-PresentDepartment of Linguistics, Ohio University, Athens, OH
  • Teach independent section of undergraduate course for ELIP Academic & Global Communication Program ENG D160 (Pre-freshman composition for ESL undergraduate students) and design materials facilitating individual and collaborative writing
  • Monitor students’ progress and provide written feedback during different phases of their writing process including brainstorming, searching and citing credible sources, developing and organizing ideas, composing drafts, revising, proofreading and editing
  • Instruct students on best writing practices including searching, summarizing, and synthesizing skills to ensure transferability to future coursework
  • Empower students to formulate individual writing styles in regard to organization, word choice, and grammar, with a focus on how these aspects impact the message they are communicating to a specific audience

Teaching Assistant & Online Course Instructor

Jan. 2020-PresentDepartment of Linguistics, Ohio University, Athens, OH
  • Revise course materials for the Language Learning and Language Teaching Practicum courses to ensure maximum learning effectiveness
  • Assist the professor in organizing learning modules including ordering and sequencing contents to facilitate discussion and increase classroom engagement
  • Give constructive feedback on lesson plans to L2 community English teachers
  • Provide responses to discussion board posts to resolve the ambiguity and grade assignments submitted to course management system based on the designed rubrics
  • Facilitate and assess the completion of the written assignments and reflections

Teaching Assistant & Group Supervisor

Sep. 2017-Dec. 2017Chernivtsi National University, Chernivtsi, Ukraine
  • Taught an English conversation practice course employing techniques and methods aimed at forming critical and creative skills while developing students’ communicative competence
  • Conducted a pedagogical experiment testing the model of students’ critical thinking skills formation at tertiary institutions designed in the MA thesis Development of Students' Critical Thinking Skills in College-Level English Conversation Practice Classes
  • Directly supervised 60+ sophomores including discussing study abroad opportunities, preparing large projects and deliverables, and conducting and documenting any disciplinary issues

Corporate Teaching

English Teacher & Tutor

Feb. 2015-Aug. 2018Centre for Foreign Languages ASAP, Chernivtsi, Ukraine
  • Taught English as a Foreign Language (EFL) to 20+ teenage learners for their entire educational program
  • Instructed 30+ adult learners English annually, on a rolling basis
  • Trained novice teachers on lesson planning, delivery of materials, classroom control, and conflict management
  • Introduced teachers to the principles of classroom technology, facilitating the learning process among students and fellow teachers
  • Successfully prepared students for standardized English tests (e.g., IELTS, FCE, SSAT) comprised of writing, reading, speaking, and listening sections
  • Organized extracurricular events and parties devoted to various celebrations and festivals for students and their families

English Teacher

Fall 2016International Medical Company BiMedis, Chernivtsi, Ukraine
  • Taught company personnel (managers, IT specialists, medical experts) Business English
  • Developed the communicative competence of company staff in the industry of medical equipment
  • Established strategies to create, manage, and maintain relationships with non-native and native speakers coming from an English-speaking environment
  • Utilized multiple pedagogical practices and methods including task-based learning teaching and project-based learning

While teaching both online and offline at Ohio University, I was able to to develop my own teaching style based on the principles of learners' collaboration & engagement, critical thinking, multicultural equity, & diversity.

When preparing for a class, I always consider these principles and think about the the end goal that my students can achieve in the most engaging and entertaining way. Although technology cannot substitute strong teaching, I find its use instrumental.

Here I am happy to share here with you some technology-mediated and traditional paper-based materials I designed for my courses.

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University Courses

Offline Courses:

  • ENG D160 - an individual section of Pre-freshman Composition course for L2 writers
  • English for All - beginner-level English course for community members
  • Conversational English - a second-year undergraduate English course (6 sections)

Online Courses:

  • LING 9520 Language Learning Course - co-teach with Dr. Dawn Bikowski for TESOL Endorsement & TEFL Certificate
  • LING 9550 Language Teaching Practicum Course - co-teach with Dr. Dawn Bikowski for TESOL Endorsement & TEFL Certificate

ENG D160 Lesson Plans & Materials

Reading Comprehension Lesson Plan-Tetiana Tytko.pdf
Adverb Clause-Lesson Plan-Tetiana Tytko.pdf
Adverb Clause PowerPoint Presentation_Tytko.pptx
Collaborative reading-Understanding Cyber Terrorism-Tetiana Tytko.pdf

E-Learning Tools

Promotong collaboration:

Promoting creativity:

Promoting learning-oriented assessment:

Learning Management System

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